About the Montanuniversität Leoben

    Montanuniversität Leoben looks back on a successful past and has a long and proud tradition as a centre for education and research. Montanuniversität Leoben is devoted to the theme “Added Value for the Future“ as a central objective in its development. In its mission statement, Montanuniversität Leoben has established the unity of education and research as an essential tool for continuous advancement and the implementation of scientific findings.

    Theory and practical experience go hand in hand, forming the basis for sound academic training. As teaching and research form a symbiosis, the study programmes focus on the value-added cycle. The research portfolio of Montanuniversität Leoben comprises the value-added lifecycle, starting with the exploration and  of raw materials, followed by fields such as metallurgy, high-performance materials, process- and production engineering, and complemented by environmental engineering and recycling. Montanuniversität Leoben is strongly committed to integrating the concept of sustainability into the value-added cycle and enhancing the development of high-tech manufacturing and production processes.

    About Leoben

    Leoben is a city of culture, a university city, a city of commerce, a hub of upper Styria, the second largest city in Styria and the home of the headquarters of leading multinational companies. The "Schwammerlturm" (a tower that resembles a mushroom), Leoben University, the Goesser Brewery and steel production are only some of Leoben’s trans-regional "trademarks." Glück auf – "May fortune smile upon you" in Leoben!

    Today Leoben presents itself as a modern and globally interconnected city with a high quality of life, which has successfully overcome the transition processes of past decades. This former mining city offers a broad array of culture and leisure facilities, diverse education and training opportunities and excellent healthcare services. With the upper Styrian mountain world just around the corner, Leoben also boasts multiple recreational areas, sports facilities and hiking trails, as well as a first-class wellness oasis, the Asia Spa.

    As a centre of business and research Leoben is host to the headquarters of several global players, one of the most renowned Austrian universities and many scientific institutions, which together create high-quality employment and future prospects for the region.

    About Austria

     Austria is a country in Central Europe that borders Switzerland and Germany, among others. Austria is therefore a popular travel destination, especially for German holidaymakers. The country is particularly suitable as a winter sports area.

    Austria is divided into nine different federal states; the most popular holiday regions are Tyrol, Styria and Carinthia. The highest mountains in the country are in the Eastern Alps - the highest elevation being the 3,798 meter high Grossglockner. While these mountains, with their well-developed ski resorts are ideal as a winter sports area, they are also popular with hikers and climbers in summer. The largest river in the country is the Danube, which flows from Austria towards Hungary. You can get to know many of the country's sights on a cruise on this river. The most famous lake in Austria is Lake Constance; this is partly also in Germany and Switzerland. The climate on this lake is said to be the mildest in the entire country; thanks to the pleasant temperatures, even palm trees thrive here. The largest lake in Austria is Lake Neusiedl in Burgenland, and is very suitable for all water sports enthusiasts.

    The capital of Austria is Vienna; this should also be visited during any vacation in the country. Vienna, like Salzburg, describes itself as a city of Mozart, because this well-known composer lived here for years. Another famous Viennese is Sigmund Freud, to whom a museum is dedicated in the city.

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