TBM DiGs 2022 - Tunnel Boring Machines in Difficult Ground

    Montanuniversität Leoben - Zentrum am Berg & ÖGG, 23.11. - 25.11.2022

    TBM DiGs is an international conference series that provides a specialized technological forum for discussing and exchanging knowledge related to TBM works in difficult ground conditions. This series covers a wide range of topics, including characterization of difficult ground, field observations and case studies, physical and laboratory tests, numerical modelling and techniques, treatments of difficult ground, TBM design and installation, tunnel support design, monitoring and risk management. TBM DiGs 2022 is the fifth conference in this series.


    TBM DiGs 2022 is jointly organized by Montanuniversität Leoben and OEGG (Austrian Society for Geomechanics). The conference organizers would like to welcome researchers and practitioners involved with TBM tunnelling to TBM DiGs 2022 to share, to cooperate, and to progress.

    The TBM DiGs 2022 will be  a hybrid event and both, speakers and attendees, can choose to attend online or live. Provisions will be made for both options.

    Abstract Summary

    Dear participants!

    Here you will find the abstract summary at your disposal:

    Abstract Summary

    We are looking forward to seeing you in Leoben!

    Conference objectives and topics

    The conference aims to bring together all who are interested in the use of tunnel boring machines in difficult ground, to review developments in the field over the previous two years, and to attempt to extrapolate for the near-term future. We anticipate that the conference will explore a great variety of topics.

    Presentations in the following areas are invited:

    • Rock - Very Hard and Abrasive rocks
    • Rock - Squeezing ground
    • Rock - Long and deep tunnels
    • Soil - Sticky soil and Clogging
    • Soil - Abrasive sand and wear problems
    • Soil - High water pressure – hyperbaric challenges
    • Mixed Ground conditions
    • Innovation – New Technology (construction chemicals, sensory systems, big data, operational simulation)
    • High Groundwater inflow / Gassy tunnels
    • Extreme TBM tunneling (very small/big TBMs, remote areas, outer space construction)
    • Manufacturing challenges and new developments
    • Logistics and Site Management for challenging TBM tunneling

    Key note speakers

    Dipl.-Ing. Lars Babendererde

    BabEng, Germany

    Title of speech:
    "Tunnelling remains vital!"

    Prof. Dr. Mark Diederichs

    Queen’s University, Canada

    Title of speech:
    "TBM challenges in deep and complex tectonic environments
    – the devil is in the details"


    The Conference provides an excellent opportunity for sharing knowledge through presentations. The Conference plans to accept submittals for oral presentation and for poster presentation. Please refer to the schedule presented below for information relating to important dates for the submittal and review process.

    An abstract for each presentation, either oral or poster, must be submitted for review and acceptance. All abstracts and manuscripts shall be submitted to the Conference staff via the submission form below. The abstracts are limited to 300 words and, after acceptance, the manuscripts will be limited to 2 to 6 pages.

    Who should attend?

    Those involved with the use of tunnel boring machines in difficult ground comprise a diverse community, including academic researchers, industrial scientists and engineers, government scientists, and policy makers. All are welcome to this conference, ranging from those just beginning to those with substantial expertise.


    TBM DiGs 2022 will be an exciting conference that will provide the opportunity for participants to meet others in the field, to exchange ideas, expertise and experience, and to renew and form new friendships and working relationships. The conference is structured so that participants can learn from both formal and informal interactions, such as presented papers, posters and social events.

    Conference Timeline and important dates

    15.11.2021:     Deadline for abstract submission

    15.06.2022:     Deadline for full paper submission

    01.05.2022:     Early bird registration opens

    15.08.2022      Early bird registration ends

    18.11.2022      End of regular registration


    23.11.2022      09:00   Technical session starts

    23.11.2022      19:00  Conference Dinner

    24.11.2022      16:45   TBM DiGs ends

    25.11.2022       08:00   Site visit to a tunnel construction site in Austria


    Organisation Committee

    Univ.Prof. Dipl.Ing. Dr. mont. Robert Galler

    Head of Chair of Subsurface Engineering


    +43 3842 402 3400

    Ass.Prof. Dr. Marlène Villeneuve


    +43 3842 402 3412

    Priv.Doz. Ass.Prof. Dr.mont. Nina Gegenhuber


    +43 3842 402 3407

    Christine Santos Martinez

    +43 662 875519

    International Scientific Committee

    Name                                Country

    Georg Anagnostou         Switzerland

    Lars Babendererde         Germany

    Cemal Balci                      Turkey

    Nick Barton                      Norway

    Gianpino Bianchi             Italy

    Nuh Bilgin                         Turkey

    Jens Classen                   Germany

    Knut Garshol                    Sweden

    Jafar Hassanpour           Iran

    Tom Iseley                       USA

    Lars Langmaack            Germany

    Sindre Log                       Norway

    Ulrich Maidl                    Germany

    Daniele Martinelli           Italy

    Priscilla Nelson              USA

    Bjorn Nilsen                    Norway

    Daniele Peila                   Italy

    Peter Raleigh                  USA

    Jamal Rostami               USA

    Franz Sempelmann        Austria

    Giovanni Spagnoli          Germany

    Gary Tang                        New Zealand

    Markus Thewes             Germany

    Kurosch Thuro               Germany

    Dujuan Wang                  China

    Jenny Yan                       China

    Jian Zhao                        Australia


    The 5th International Conference on Tunnel Boring Machines in Difficult Ground (TBM DiGs 2022) will be held at the Montanuniversität Leoben, Austria.